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Stress Test Tools for Regulators

Regulators need increased visibility of capital adequacy of banks under stressed scenarios. As part of a scenario testing exercise they need the ability to assess the projected stress results submitted by regulated firms, and take a view on how the capital model has been projected, which means having the calculation capability within the regulator's capital model. The regulator must then take a view on the impairment modelling and may want to feed in results from any models.

Model the effects of management actions

Having come to a view of the capital under stress scenarios regulators then want the ability to examine the effects of the management actions available to the firm to see which ones are plausible to allow in the stress scenarios.

Produce reports

By building the stressed capital model in a structured way we can speed up the process, manage the complexity and allow the data to be presented graphically in ways which have more meaning for stakeholders.


Management of the process

Receive projections under the scenarios from the firms, reconcile them and map them into a consistent and structured capital model.

Manage views side-by side

Manage the calculation of the key capital ratios with the firms and regulators views easily comparable.

Management Actions

See the effects of including individual management actions on the overall capital model.


Produce graphical output to explain the results

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We can provide deep experience in building the stress test business process and governance as well as implementation of the supporting systems.


The picture of regulatory practice for stress testing and the systems required to support it are still emerging. Our senior team have played a leading role in building these systems of the UK regulators first at the FSA and then the PRA/Bank of England. The practice that is emerging is one which is gaining critical respect in terms of being thorough and credible, while at the same time being pragmatic in not requiring huge resources at the regulator. Thanks to this experience, we are able to provide not only the platform for capital modelling but also implementation, quantitative modelling and ongoing support.

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